Ruger GP100 Optic

Here’s how I installed a “no drill-no tap” mount and handgun scope on a Ruger GP100 revolver to improve my accuracy.

by Glen Calvert

I have a stainless steel Ruger GP100 chambered in 357 Magnum with the six-inch barrel. The iron sights are fine but I wanted to shoot more accurately at longer distances. I decided to add a long eye relief scope to improve my accuracy beyond 25 yards.

For those not familiar with the GP100, here’s a little background. The GP100 is a family of double action revolvers that succeeded the Security Six series. Ruger strengthened the frame and action; the cylinder is locked into position at the front, rear, and bottom. The GP100 is available in several calibers, barrel lengths, and in blued or stainless steel. My GP100 weighs 48 ounces loaded with the ammo used in the test. The single action trigger pull averaged 4.5 pounds and the double action pull was 10.7 pounds. It has the Hogue grip which reduces felt recoil.

After some searching on the Internet, I found the…

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