Daniel Defense MK18 Replacement Parts Schedule

Daniel Defense shares their parts replacement schedule to ensure that your AR-15 is being maintained to the point of zero failures due to part wear. Here is what you need to know to work on them.

by Steph Martz

The civilian gun industry can be called the Wild West when it comes to specs on various AR components. There are no rules due to many of these companies not holding binding contracts. There are no verifications due to many consumers not having the knowledge nor the tools to check those specifications. While some companies uphold the correct specifications on their parts, some do not. Then comes tolerance stacking, parts wearing out, etc. Due to these specifications being all over the place, parts need to be replaced in different intervals.

The Colt M4/M16 platform is the most looked at as far as “the standard” due to their technical data package (TDP) being over 40 years old, the Army buying that TDP, and their parts holding true in even the harshest conditions. Many consumers will follow Colts or the Army’s replacement schedule for most AR parts even if it is from a different company. Most companies also do not even push out a replacement schedule. While the Colt M4/M16 platform is known as being the longstanding standard, the Daniel Defense MK18 is fast becoming known to keep that standard.The MK18 is ran by many special Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine units. Larger entities run it as well such as the Department of State and large Department of Defense units.

Both of these companies, Colt and Daniel Defense, have pushed out a replacement schedule for various…

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