BadAce Tactical No-Drill Mounts

BadAce Tactical offers no-drill, no-tap scope mounts for many classic rifles.

by Dean Meier

For many years, sporterization projects were a much more popular gunsmith project than they are now and for good reasons. One primary reason, numerous military-issue rifles were available as surplus for very low costs. Given that surplus arms were so available and cheap, they made an ideal basis for gunsmithing projects, especially as a first project. After all, it makes more sense to try your hand at a metal or woodworking firearm project on a $10 rifle instead of costing $100+.

However, heavy and permanent modification of a classic service arm no longer is as practical as it once was. Still, some people that own such arms my want to modernize their classics. What’s needed is a workable optic mounting option for a sporterization project that doesn’t require drilling.

BadAce Tactical ( is a Canadian-based firearms accessories business offering NDT (No-Drill-Tap) scope mounts for classic rifles. Their scope mounting solutions provide a low-profile design that does not require permanent modifications to legendary firearms that carry historical and sentimental value. The company specializes in scope mounts for historical and classic rifles, such as M1A, M1 Garand, Mauser K98k, Mosin Nagant, SKS, Lee Enfield No.4, Swiss K31, Swedish M38 & M96 and more. Installation is simple and only requires a few simple steps.

BadAce scope mounts provide a …

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