Stoeger Shotgun Repair

Working the ejection mechanism on a 12 gauge Stoeger double barrel shotgun.

by Michael Priego

The project of this repair is the ejection mechanism on a 12 gauge Stoeger double barrel shotgun. This firearm has an ejection rod that allows a slight lift of the shells to be raised and then manually extracted after they are fired. In the problem shotgun on my bench, the ejector seemed to be jammed or caught on something to the point it would not provide the small amount of space from the barrels needed to remove empty hulls or unfired shotshells.

A few things need to be considered before taking the firearm apart. What type of ammunition is being used and is it the correct size? Perhaps ammunition choice is at play. Every firearm should have an engraving that lets the operator know what type of ammunition is to be used with the firearm. This shotgun is chambered for three-inch 12 gauge shotshells, so if there is an improper size shell in the barrel it could cause firm friction on the ejector and keep it from being properly removed. The shells used by my customer were Winchester 12 gauge brass shells.

I did not start by removing…

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