Spuhr Ideal Chassis System

Details on Hakan Spuhr’s rifle systems as revealed at SHOT Show.

by Steph Martz

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Hakan Spuhr (SpuhrWebshop.com, +46 (0)46 712012) is known for his ability at high end gunsmithing, as shown in his Ideal Scope Mount System (ISMS), the Spuhr Interface, and now in his SICS – the Spuhr Ideal Chassis System. Machined from a single billet of 7000 series aircraft aluminum and already patented, this chassis is made for total modularity and stability.

Before we go ahead, just remember that everyone shoots differently – Americans, Swedes, competitive shooters, hunters – so different shooters will want different things in their chassis systems and stocks. Spuhr is trying to allow consumers to make the chassis theirs while using high end materials and engineering. Keep an open mind and allow yourself to look deeper into the innovation of the chassis rather than styles of shooting.

The Idea

A quote from Hakan about the beginning of the project, adjusted to proper English. “Two years ago my girlfriend and I got new Impact actions and she immediately ordered an Impact Chassis from there as well. I didn’t fancy what I saw; for my use I want a fast change Length of Pull (LOP). Different positions require different LOP. Actually not really different LOP but different length to scope. Modern high magnified optics are really critical to where the eye is placed and most peoples take on this is a length adjustment change. LOP is not optimized for any one thing but a single setting that with some pain works for all positions. I like optimization! I don’t like compromise so my intention was to make one chassis only in manual machines for my gun.

“My business partner heard about my plans and confiscated the project to become a company product. So here is the company product. We just released it and started shipping it! So my idea with products is never to offer the same as competitors do as we would then fight over the same customers. The only weapon to win that fight is to lower prices. So with our designs we want to add more functions and features and in a more simple way than the competitors.”

Features and Specs

I’ll start with the…

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