SIG Short Reset Trigger

How to install a Short Reset Trigger kit for SIG P Series handguns.

by RK Campbell

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The SIG Short Reset Trigger is a great option for shooters with the company’s P Series handguns, allowing for a shorter, faster action with a sharp reset. But the SRT kit isn’t a trigger at all, instead, it is comprised of a modified sear and a longer safety lever. When properly installed, the SRT kit reduces the length of the pistol’s trigger reset, reducing finger movement. After the short break, reset is shortened allowing for faster shooting and greater control of the trigger action.

There is always some take up in the single action but the SRT shortens it. Pressing the trigger to take out this slack is met with a harder, more defined resistance, commonly called the “wall”. Coupled with a shorter take up, this provides a big advantage in rapid fire. A short, thinner SIG trigger may also be an aid for some shooters but we’ll save that for another time.

SRT kits are available directly from SIG (, 603/610-3000) and from Gray Guns (, 888/585-4729). I have used the Gray Guns SRT several times and it is a quality unit. Before installing the SRT (or performing any trigger work that alters the action, even for the better) be certain to be absolutely clear with the customer. The customer must also understand that even using SIG parts voids the warranty with this installation. During the past thirty years I have sent exactly one SIG in for warranty repair at the customer’s insistence and it turned out to simply need a new recoil spring, so I am not concerned with voiding the warranty with any custom work, but it’s something to consider.

When examining the pistol after unloading and clearing, keep the trigger down and rack the slide to check the trigger reset. Get a good idea of what is going on and how the pistol feels first. When ready to install, …

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