KBC Tools & Machinery

KBC (KBCtools.com, 800/521-1740) has a line of metal cutting power and hand tools of use for your shop.

The KBC Metal Chop Saw comes in 7.25, 14, and 15-inch models and features a no-load speed of 1550 RPM, a high torque motor, a cast aluminum base with integrated wear plate, and bench mounting holes. They also have a quick release vise with square threaded rod for fast and secure clamping and 0-45 degree miter capacity and an attachable V-shape block for clamping of round and square tube. With a 10-foot power cord, base, clamp, and a blade that has fully hardened body plates with tungsten carbide teeth that generate almost no heat, sparks, or burrs, KBC Chop Saws are ambidextrous and compact with a head lock down pin, carrying handle, quick-change black, integrated tool storage, and chip collection tray.

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KBC’s Pneumatic Hand Chamfering Tool takes the edge off a variety of materials, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, and phenolics with speed and repeatability. Able to remove burrs easily and create a uniform edge with repeatable accuracy up to almost 1mm depth, prepare metal for welding jobs and clean them up after, and a host of other needs in the machine shop or on site. The bearing runs along the edge of the surface while two carbide inserts chamfer the edge for smooth results. Replacement standard triangular tip carbide inserts are available. This hand tool fits a spot between hand deburring tools, such as Shaviv and Noga, and table top production chamfering machines. Chamfering capacity is 0.1mm to 1.5mm (0.004-0.060”) with a work depth of 0.1-0.9mm (0.004-0.035”) and runs on air consumption of 7.7 CFM and 90 PSI at 30,000 RPM via a 1/4″ air inlet.

Finally, KBC’s Shark Taps by Dormer are color coded to ensure tapping efficiency for the right material. Manufactured from a unique powder metallurgy tool steel different from any other HSS-E-PM with a TiAIN-Top coating, providing high impact toughness, increased hot and consistent hardness, and edge strength, allowing the taps to perform at higher cutting temperatures while offering excellent performance and longer tool life. The thread geometry and chamfer result in low torque, excellent threads and surface finishes as well as reduction in axial forces.

Black Spiral Point taps are for high strength steels and heat resistant work materials with hardness up to 45HRC. Blue Spiral Point and Spiral Flute taps are for stainless steel and have TiAIN + WC/C coating (Super B) with an additional edge treatment. Red Spiral Point taps are for blind hole tapping in most medium alloy steels with a back taper that further facilitates chip evacuation. Yellow Spiral Flute and Spiral Point taps are for through hole tapping in structural, plain carbon, and low alloy steels. White Straight Flute taps for semi-bottoming or through hole tapping in cast iron.

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