Girsan Regard

The Girsan Regard is a copy of the Beretta 92, a very interesting firearm with good interchangeability with Beretta parts. We’ll look at gunsmithing specifics, including interchangeability of parts with the Regard fourth generation model.

by RK Campbell

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Some American companies farm work out to Mexico. In Europe some machine work is farmed out to Turkey. While many European companies have an excellent reputation I sometimes wonder if they will come to regret having Turkey produce a less expensive line of Italian designed firearms under the Stoeger line. This has given the Turks quite a bit of useful experience! The Benelli shotguns and Beretta pistols marked Stoeger work just fine, they simply are often less nicely finished. I have lost track of the number of Turkish pistols and shotguns I have examined; they are workmanlike designs and some have been as well finished as any firearm. The new Browning High Power clone produced in Turkey is not only nicely finished, certain parts known to give trouble in the High Power in long term use have been beefed up. I am not saying your High Power needed improvement – please hold the angry letters – but in long hard military use every firearm has a certain weakness, if breaking at 30,000 rounds can be considered a weakness. The High Power has seen hard use in Africa and the Middle East. So has the Beretta 92, which has been given a special treatment by Girsan in their Regard pistol.

Unfortunately, many among the new generation of gun owners do not quite understand quality. They don’t understand precision, clearance, tolerances, and specifications and are purchasing largely on hand fit, feel, and bling. Surprisingly but fortunately, this is turning out well for most. As an example, I had a pistol recently land on my work bench that brought back…

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