Bar-Sto Precision

Starting as a one-man shop and side project, Bar-Sto Precision has been a prominent player in the custom gunsmith world for decades.

by Dean Meier

Bar-Sto Precision (, 605/720-4000) started in the mid 1950s when Irv Stone was working in the aerospace industry doing prototype work. He was also active with the very first practical shooting competitions, all the way back to the Leather Slap matches organized by Jeff Cooper in Big Bear, California held during the annual community Old Miner’s Day Carnival. Influenced by Fast Draw competition, marketed around the Wild West style popular at the time, and in theme with the Carnival, these first matches were the genesis of a new series of shooting disciplines. Being involved with the shooting events, Irv Stone noticed the competitors were welding up factory barrels to make them fit better in their competition pistols. He thought about making an oversized barrel as an aftermarket option that was ready for customizing. Given that his work in the aerospace industry had gone soft, this seemed a good side business to make a little bit of money while waiting for aerospace opportunities to come back. It turned out, this temporary side business would become a full time business that is now a multi-generation family-owned company.

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Bar-Sto Precision has been making custom auto pistol barrels since 1971. Now a third generation family-owned business, Bar-Sto barrels have been used by the U.S. Marine Corps Marksman Unit, the Army Marksmanship Unit, Army Reserve Marksmanship Program, and have been used to win every major pistol tournament worldwide, including the National Matches at Camp Perry, United States Practical Shooting Association Nationals, Steel Challenge, the Masters, and many more.

All Bar-Sto pistol barrels are machined from solid 416 stainless steel bar stock which has been heat treated 39 to 43 Rockwell C hardness and 180,000 pounds per square inch tensile strength. Barrels are machined, bored, and rifled completely in our own shop. All barrels have a rate of twist of 1 turn in 16”. These products are offered for most all 1911 variants and chamberings; Springfield XD/XDM and Hellcat pistols; almost every Glock model variant and caliber conversion; most of the entire SIG P-series, including the recent 320, 365, and X5, as well as the more classic 226, 229, 224, and 239, the Beretta 92/96; and the Browning High Power and variants, including the Springfield SA-35 and Girsan. All of these can be extended and threaded for suppressor and compensator, or extended and ported and fluted. Bar-Sto does many odd length and caliber options. A call or email via their website will answer if they can handle your special project request.

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