Rapid Gun Systems

Every gun store and range operation is different so Rapid Gun Systems offers a custom-built solution to meet each shop’s specific needs. They employ a dedicated team of programmers that can build all types of enhancements, including a suite of integrations to meet government and industry requirements. Their approach is a template to how any good management system should work.

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Customer Relationship Management is the core of every business. The RGS CRM module can create customer profiles with a driver’s license scan to auto-populate data and retain relevant customer information during any transaction. Each customer’s purchase history is tracked to help focus sales on their specific needs while revealing Sales and Transaction data for your overall high-demand products and services.

In addition to in-shop sales, consider multi-channel options. This includes eCommerce Integration (selling goods and services on your website) and offsite sales, such as at gun shows. Automatically sync changes to product details, available inventory, and retail prices to your online marketplaces and include vendor catalog integration to list items available from Sports South, Gun Accessory Supply, Chattanooga Shooting Supplies, Inc., Lipsey’s, RSR Group, Bill Hicks & Co., Ultimate Night Vision, and Davidson’s.

All sales can be conducted on mobile devices and accessed through your account anywhere, including sales at gun shows. This includes an in-shop full touchscreen Point Of Sales system, a laptop, or mobile device (tablet or phone) to use all sales capabilities anywhere. The interface works the same. You can even save a few dollars by avoiding high costs for Internet access offsite as every transaction is logged when offline and then automatically synced with the database in your store once your portable system is online again. You may even take the extra precaution to separate show inventory from your brick-and-mortar inventory to make certain you don’t double sell merchandise at gun shows.

Inventory Management maintains all this sales data, making your shop “audit-ready” at any time tracking items sold, received, and adjusted and cross-reference to your bound book. Designate stock thresholds, receive alerts when items are running low, and create purchase orders when it is time to reorder.

Specific to us, RGS includes ATF-compliant eBoundBook and eNICS. Record and manage customer requirements with tracking numbers, including FFL, 4473, state ID, and concealed carry ID. Sales comply a multi-firearm purchase report (3310) with a system that tracks time periods outlined by state and federal laws. Background checks are submitted directly to eNICS.

For Gunsmithing Management, gun received for repair or consignment are tracked in the same manner. Capture important details such as authorized price ranges, consignor details, consignment fees (both percentage of sale and flat fee structures), standard shop rates, additional charges (such as repair fees), and any notes related to the transactions.

If your shop also has a range, that can be managed as well. Create range memberships and courses that fit your business model and offer online enrollment and management. Customers can easily reserve and reschedule range appointments on your website, including multiple ranges and/or lanes, gun rentals, and waivers.

Rapid Gun Systems (RapidGunSystems.com, 619/754-4100) has a series of video demonstrations on their website showing their solution in action.

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