FN Model 1949 and Variants

Working the semi-automatic FN Model 1949 or SAFN/FN-49 rifles and variants.

by Mark R. Hollensen

After searching my American Gunsmith article list, I revealed that the Fabrique Nationale Herstal Model 1949 and variants haven not previously been discussed. So an opportunity presented itself when one came into my shop for a deep cleaning (to remove the Cosmoline) and a thorough inspection of the rifle.

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A full function test was performed to ensure that the rifle was empty and worked properly. The first thing I found was that the safety was nearly impossible to rotate to engage it. But, when applied, it stopped rearward travel of the trigger, so it was working properly, but tough to move. The rifle appeared to be in great shape other than a split in the stock on the left side of the action. Trying to look down the bore netted nothing but black, and no light could be seen when using the bore light.

With the initial inspection and function testing out of the way, I began photographing all of the visible markings found on the rifle prior to the disassembly. Researching my files and library, I found that this rifle had Egyptian markings on the receiver and stock. A check for importer markings came up negative. Typically, there are importer markings on the barrel and/or receiver, but this one had neither. The rifle appeared to be original though, based on its configuration (lock, stock, and barrel). After recording the markings found and the serial number, I began my research into the background of the rifle.

The prominent crown emblem with Egyptian lettering located on the top of the receiver recoil ring pretty much summed up either where the rifle came from or was assembled and later to be delivered to. I found that nearly…

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