Automatic Tool Changer

Located in Madison, Wisconsin, Tormach Inc. makes CNC equipment ideal for small shops. Their goal is to make top-line CNC automation more affordable. The new Automatic Tool Changer for the Tormach 24R CNC Router is an example.

The Tormach 24R CNC Router is a robust CNC router starting at $15,000 and is designed to accurately cut a wide variety of materials including woods, plastics, aluminum, and more. With an advanced control, rigid cast-iron bed, welded steel stand, water-cooled chiller, integrated vacuum table, and more than a 2’ x 4’ work envelope, it can handle 2D and 3D cutting needs.

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With the Automatic Tool Changer, tools can be changed automatically after programming the design into PathPilot. This is especially useful with projects that require handling a variety of work materials. Key specifications of the ATC include spindle specs of 1.5 kW, 10,000-24,000 rpm, an ISO20 spindle taper, integrated power drawbar with open sensor, positive air pressure spindle nose seal, and liquid cooling. The repeatable tool lengths provide faster tool changes. The new lifting dust shoe feature allows users to check the router’s cutting action while the machine is running and leading into a cut. The ATC Rack has a ten-tool capacity with a maximum tool diameter of 1.75” and maximum tool gauge length of 4.25”.

“The new ATC is designed for maximum efficiency,” said Reid Halvorson, Lead Engineer for the 24R ATC. “It makes operators’ lives easier by giving them the ability to multitask. And since the machine can automatically change tools, it reduces potential operator errors as well as scrap parts.”

As with all Tormach products, customers will receive free remote technical support via email, phone, and video chat. Visit or call 608/849-8381.

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