Effective Scope Mounting

Here’s the procedures I use in my shop for stress-free scope mounting with final sight in.

by David A Dumeah

My operation is in the “Venison Belt” in Northern Michigan. Deer hunting season is a very important event in this area. Generally, from the first of October through to opening day (November 15) hunters are scrambling to get their equipment ready for the hunt. One of the most common opportunities that presents itself to my business that I refer to as a “sight-in”; this is where the customer has a rifle, the desire to hunt, and needs it all thoroughly gone over, set up, and ready to go.

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In my many years of installing and setting up glass optics on sporting as well as target rifles, I have taken the opportunity to read any materials on the subject I could find in the hopes of improving my final product. When I take on one of these sight-in jobs, I have distilled it down to only one approach. Whether it is a 22 Long Rifle or a 300 Winchester Magnum chambered in a light mountain rifle, the procedure and materials remain the same. I do tell the customer this complete service is not inexpensive and assure him it will provide him with outstanding benefits. I let the customer know that the person working the counter at a big box store may well put the rifle scope on his rifle for free, however, sometimes “free” can be very costly in the end.

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