4473 Cloud

4473 Cloud is an ATF-approved form 4473 digital storage solution that utilizes encrypted, tamper-evident file formatting to ensure security for FFLs. Travis Glover is VP of Business Development and Sales and has over 26 years experience in the firearm industry as a subject matter expert on ATF Compliance, including nearly a decade developing, implementing, and leading ATF Compliance at Cabela’s.

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Even with a saved PDF copy, the printed 4473 is the official record and all future corrections or changes must be done on the paper copy as instructed on the 4473 itself. Keeping an unofficial record can cause confusion and inadvertent errors during internal auditing processes, ATF trace request completion, and with additional documentation that is required to be retained. Digital storage is allowed but PDF copies alone does not meet minimum ATF requirements.

4473 Cloud is designed with the highest level of security, encryption and document certification available, storing your 4473s in a tamper evident file format. The file data combined with your unique and secret info creates a cryptographic signature. Each 4473 has a unique number generated from the contents and even the slightest change to the document can not done without creating a totally different result, making for the most secure file format available, tracking every interaction or change, and is admissible in a court of law. When authorized changes are made to the 4473, the corrected information is entered along with who made the change and when. Each 4473 stored on 4473 Cloud has full document history that can viewed and printed at any time.

Being designed with “ATF Audit” mode in mind, this system provides access to specific records based on any requested timeline, as granted by you to the Lead ATF Industry Operations Investigator. ATF will still conduct their inspection only while on site at your store and during the hours your store is operational. With 4473 Cloud you never have to give ATF a computer to complete their audit, just a sufficient onsite WiFi connection.

The ATF requires a 60-day notification after establishing a 4473 Cloud account and purchasing a plan based on your typical transfer volume. The 4473 Cloud Sales Executive Team provides detailed instructions on completing your 60-day notification to ATF. While awaiting ATF approval, you can start using the automated records provided you continue to maintain print copies to remain compliant. Once the 60-days is up, print 4473s are no longer required.

Pricing for a 4473 Cloud account starts at $24 per year ($2/month) for processing up to 120 transfers annually, with pricing tiers able to handle large regional chain stores and up. Contact 4473Cloud.com or 512/838-4060 for more information.

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