Taurus 605 Poly Protector

Working the Taurus 605 “Protector Poly” revolver.

by Mark R. Hollensen

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I gave the following article quite a bit of thought before writing it, but after getting a number of these in the shop completely disassembled and in baggies, I felt it might be a good idea to cover it. This revolver seems to be somewhat popular, mostly as a reasonably priced revolver chambered the .357 Magnum, and is well suited for self-defense. This revolver is unlike others in how it was manufactured, however. It does have both single and double-action capabilities and a hammer that can be cocked which appeals to many revolver lovers. As far as durability, I cannot say as I have not seen any of the testing results or data that covers the strength or longevity of it after prolonged use.

The revolver is described as a Taurus Model 605 Protector Poly model, and “Protector Poly” is etched on the top of the barrel shroud. This particular model is not the same as the Taurus Model 605 revolver, so any instruction about how to disassemble that one won’t work with the Poly. It is a five-shot revolver with a polymer frame and grip assembly that is actually a two-piece unit. Unlike most revolvers that have a side plate, this one has two halves that must be separated to access the internal working parts. This assembly is awkward and cumbersome to work with – although if you were assembling these all day long at a factory, you would have shortcuts and tooling available to quickly speed up the entire process. However, most of us don’t get a steady diet of these coming into our shops so we’ll have to muddle through the process.

As I mentioned, I have had a number of these appear in the shop; all were in for reassembly, or so they said. I am not exactly sure why the owners of these revolvers feel the need or desire to disassemble them completely, as none of the ones that came into my shop were dirty or dirty to the point that a full disassembly for deep cleaning was necessary.

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