Bond Arms Derringers

An overview of functioning and a sight regulation how-to of Bond Arms derringers.

by RK Campbell

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Not long ago, a friend walked into the study with a Bond Arms derringer broke open and unloaded. WR is quite a fellow and I have learned quite a bit from him during the past fifty years or so. He has developed some arthritis in his hands. As he often reminds me, he lets me do things because of this slight impediment, otherwise he would do the work his damn self. He is a serious handgunner and does things the right way, old school, and handloads his own ammunition. He has no use for small bores and tends to master a handgun for its own sake rather than any practical value.

He had taken a liking to a derringer from Bond Arms, which is well made, reliable, and often serves as a back up arm in the back pocket. WR liked to keep his in a pocket when hiking with his granddaughter. Since his Bond Arms is chambered in 45 ACP he did a little work to come up with a suitable defense load, settling on the 45 ACP Black Hills Honey Badger cartridge which seems suited to the derringer’s short barrel. He also owns a six-inch 45 Colt barrel and his 255 grain 750 feet per second handload for it gives good accuracy.

WR had fired the Bond Arms derringer enough to come to the same conclusion I had: that little gun is far more accurate than I would have thought. Aiming at a man-sized silhouette at 15 yards, he and I could aim for the…

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