Bond Arms Trigger Work

Improving the Bond Arms Rowdy .45LC/.410 trigger.

by Ken Finley

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The most important choice in selecting a firearm for personal defense is to pick one you can and will use. If the selected firearm is uncomfortable or difficult to use (i.e. trigger pull too stiff) then you won’t use it. However, if on someone else’s advice you have already spent the money, the next course of action is to see if what you bought can be made to work for you.

In this case, the purchaser was a lady who wanted a “snake charmer” to carry along when walking her property. I’ve been there and she needed one. She had been encouraged to purchase a Bond Arms Rowdy .45LC/.410 derringer. Her problem was the heavy trigger pull required to fire the steroid-enhanced compact pistol was more than she could manage when trying to aim at the same time. The stiff trigger pull limited her ability to use the pistol effectively. Her request to me was to at least make the trigger feel smoother when used.

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