United States Rifles and Machine Guns

From Reader Ken Angst

United States Rifles and Machine Guns: A detailed account of the methods used in manufacturing the Springfield, 1903 model service rifle; also descriptions of the modified Enfield rifle and three types of machine guns
by Fred Colvin and Ethan Viall


Dated 1917, anyone who is interested or involved in the maintenance or restoration of the US Rifle Caliber 3o model of 1903 will find this detailed engineering book invaluable. Included are all of the machining specifications and information on the tools used to manufacture the 03. You can zoom in and read the small print if you need to.

3 Gun 4 Vets

From MAJ Luke Gosnell

We finished up a 3-gun training class last night for two awesome Wounded Warriors who have for quite some time wanted to try the sport, but didn’t have the knowledge, equipment and friends that also wanted to try it with them. If any of you know of any vets that have not shot competitively before and would like to get free training with equipment and ammo provided, please share the link below or my contact info with them.



New Army Marksmanship Manual

The Army’s newly-released rifle/carbine manual, TC 3-22.9:


Approved for public release, distribution is unlimited.

Speaking of military marksmanship, the new rifle/carbine FM just dropped last night: https://rdl.train.army.mil/catalog-ws/view/100.ATSC/492701D5-25E9-40A7-9498-74C22831F268-1463059585416/TCx3-22.9.pdf

One thing that stood out right away is that it says in two places that trigger finger placement should be natural, since people have different hand sizes. Now where have I heard that before? Oh right, SARG, Kyle Defoor, Pat Mcnamara… Glad to see it finally make it into the official literature!

Still skimming through it to see what else is changed in there.

– Patrick T.

Cutting edge shooting technique and ideas that will be adopted by top private trainers and special operations a few years from now can be found in competition circles today. Big Army will adopt in a few decades later. Any “new” material in TC 3-22.9 was widely understood and used in the competitive communities decades ago.

This has been the trend since the mid 1800s when the Industrial Revolution made it practical to issue rifled firearms to the masses.

Hawkeye Pro Borescopes article

The attached PDF article, BORESCOPES: Their Evolution and Applications in Firearms, is on the Hawkeye Pro Borescopes from the Gradient Lens Corporation, http://www.gradientlens.com

Free Download:
Borescopes: Their Evolution and Application in Firearms

Ultrasonic Firearm Cleaning, Part One Download

Download Ultrasonic Firearm Cleaning Tables by Richard MacLean

Ultrasonic Firearm Cleaning Tables by Richard MacLean

Firearm Manual References

Highly useful resource with many firearm reference manuals:


Silver Soldering – Free References Download

Silver Soldering References


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