Tormach CNC

Tormach, Inc. is a supplier of affordable CNC Milling Machines and recently released their new 1100M and 770M CNC mills. These new M-series machines represent a ground-up redesign including over two years of upgrades resulting in higher power and faster performance than the company’s previous 1100 and 770 mills. Tormach exhibited these new machines for the first time at the International Manufacturing Technology Show held September 2018.
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Lone Wolf Distributors

Lone Wolf Distributors are offering three connectors for Glock handguns at a 50% savings over retail. The release of their newest Target (321-1) connector led to the creation of the Ultimate Connector Kit. This kit includes three 3.5 pound connectors (342 Original, 721 Classic, and 342-1 Target) and a six-pound trigger spring. Retail price for all three would be $58 but Lone Wolf sells them in a package for $28.92. The idea is to have three options for the optimum trigger in your project.

The 342 Original connector is an upgrade from Glock’s 3.5# connectors with hundreds of thousands of units sold. Feedback from shooters led to the creation of the 342-1 Target connector. For those preferring it, the 721 Classic connector is an upgraded version of Glock’s original “long minus” connector. Pair any of these connectors with the 6# trigger spring and trigger pull is improved. These fit all Glock Gen2 through Gen5 pistols except for G42/43. For the G42/43, Lone Wolf offers a 3.5# G42/43 connector.

TimberWolf Frame

The TimberWolf can be a direct replacement for Gen3 Glock frames or used as the foundation of a custom-built Glock. Included features and upgrades include a choice of two quick-change backstraps, rounded trigger guard, extended beaver tail, round mag catch, improved checkering, higher grip angle, and improved rail system.

The TimberWolf frame is the smallest, sculpted grip available for the Glock and works with Gen3 models. The Compact covers 19/23/32 and FullSize covers 17/22/34/35/17L/24/37. The TimberWolf frame includes the basic parts unique to it and all remaining parts are standard “fit and function.”

A new redesigned TimberWolf frame is compatible with Gen3, 4, 5 slides, provides 16 different grip configurations in full and compact sizes, choice of grip textures, and no finger grooves.

For more information contact Lone Wolf Distributors at or 208/448-0600.

New Timney Triggers

Timney’s new Calvin Elite replacement trigger for the 10/22 platform features a one-piece complete trigger assembly of CNC machined 6061-T6 aircraft grade billet aluminum. The trigger, sear, and hammer are wire EDM cut and heat-treated steel for extended durability. This is a self-contained unit ready to install by pushing out the two action pins and replacing the complete factory trigger assembly. The unit features a Timney-designed extended magazine release that can be operated by one finger for ease and accessibility as well as an auto bolt release.

The trigger pull is set between 1.5-2 pounds from the factory with no creep. The Calvin Elite comes with four different shoes that include curved, flat, heeled, and knurled shapes. All necessary tools for fitting and adjusting shoes are included. One key feature of the trigger is the shoes are fully-adjustable for a custom fit for every user and application. The shoes are adjustable for length of pull, cast, and height for custom comfort and positive contact.


The Timney replacement trigger for the SIG MPX is the latest in the Timney lineage of AR-style, semi-automatic, replacement triggers. Offered in curved and straight shoe trigger options, the trigger, hammer, and bridge are constructed of heat-treated steel. The housing is machined 6061, T6 anodized alloy and the trigger is factory calibrated for a pull weight of four pounds with a two-pound first stage and two-pound second stage for the two-stage model.

Timney’s MPX trigger is a self-contained, 100% drop-in unit ready to install in your rifle for a smooth trigger pull with no gunsmithing, fitting, or adjusting required. Visit or call 866/484-6639 for more information.

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Chick Blood Quotes

To celebrate Chick Blood’s contributions here, I’d like to remember him by how we worked and share some of my favorite “Chick-isms.”
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Ruger Parts

TANDEMKROSS is an aftermarket firearm parts company that manufactures parts for popular firearms. While their line covers a wide range of firearms, including the usual suspects of AR-15 and 1911 parts, they are known for their Ruger components.
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HM Defense HMB Bolt

The AR-15 is America’s longest serving service rifle and has a deserved reputation for performance and reliability. However, as with any machine, parts can fail. While not a particular weak point (10,000 round counts are a reasonable minimum) AR-15 bolts can break. One potential point of failure is the center hole fitting the cam pin.

HM Defense designs, develops, and produces AR rifles and parts that feature a number of their own patent-pending technologies. The company manufactures and final machines rifle components in-house in their Mt. Orab, Ohio facility. To improve bolt longevity, HM Defense designed their HMB Bolt, an enhanced durability part for M16/AR-15 and AR-10 rifles. The HMB Bolt corrects a natural weak point in existing bolts where the cam pin hole passes through. Under extensive use, standard bolts can fail there. The HMB Bolt eliminates the pass-through cam pin hole and replaces it with a socket and tapered pin. This reinforces a natural weak point by significantly increasing the amount of metal and strength at the cam pin location.
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Operating gunsmiths interested in maintaining profitable shops are wise to keep an eye on emerging trends. Conversations with several gunsmiths recently revealed that some of the most profitable, ongoing work for them includes AR-15 builds (no surprise there), 9mm carbines of various makes (influenced from Pistol Caliber Carbine competition), and suppressors. All three of these are nicely put together in this offering from Desert Design & Development.
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