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I am no longer in the business and am selling my supply of new gunsmith books and manuals. I also have a large selection of disassembly/assembly DVDs for pistols and rifles as well as a half of the intermediate gunsmithing course DVDs from AGI. Lastly, I have a new box of tools available.

I will start with book titles. All are brand new. I will give the retail price and my asking prices. Prices exclude shipping costs.

Contact Greg directly about these items:
txstars15 -at-

  • Complete Pennfoster Gunsmithing course with the following supplements: customizing shotguns, customizing handguns, using a micrometer,firearm glossary, gun parts catalog. Retail value of $800, asking $175
  • GunDigest Book of Rimfire Rifles, assembly/disassembly. 3rd Edition. Photos for 74 models and 228 variants. 575 pages. Retails for $35.99, asking $20
  • Gunsmithing by Roy Dunlap, hardcover. 742 pages. Retails for $44.95, asking $25
  • GunDigest Book of Modern Gun Values, 16th Edition. 25,000 values, 8500 guns, 4000 photos. 710 pages. Retails for $32.99, asking $20
  • Gunsmithing Pistols & Revolvers, 4th Edition by Patrick Sweeney. 382 pages. Retails for $34.99, asking $20
  • GunDigest Book of Exploded Gun Drawings, 3rd Edition. 1144 pages! Retails for $41.99, asking $25
  • GunDigest Book of Centerfire Rifles, 3rd Edition. 60 models, 400 variants. 573 pages. Retails for $34.99, asking $20
  • GunDigest Book of Tactical Weapons, 2nd Edition. 47 models, 200 variants. 432 pages. Retails for $29.99, asking $18
  • GunDigest Book of Shotguns, 3rd Edition. 60 models, 250 variants. 654 pages. Retails for $36.99, asking $20
  • Learn Gunsmithing, The Troubleshooting Method by the Editors of American Gunsmith. Asking $15
  • Lyman Reloading Handbook, 49th Edition. 461 pages. Retails for $30, asking $20
  • The Official NRA Guide to Firearms Assembly, Rifles and Shotguns. 398 pages. Asking $25
  • The Official NRA Guise to Firearms Assembly, Pistols and Revolvers. 352 pages. Asking $25
  • GunDigest Book of Revolvers Assembly/Disassembly. 60 models, 130 variants. 574 pages. Retails for $35.99, asking $20
  • GunDigest Book of Automatic Pistols Assembly/Disassembly. 90 models, 300 variants. 766 pages. Retails for $39.99, asking $25
  • Jack First, Ins. Gun Parts Book 13: Volume 1 Handgun Parts 1010 pages; Volume 2 Rifle Parts, 918 pages; Volume 3 Shotgun parts and accessories, 754 pages. Asking $22 for each volume
  • Machine Shop Practice Volumes 1 and 2, 2nd Ed. Covers every piece of common shop equipment, their setup and use. Brand new, never read. Asking $30
  • AGI Professional Gunsmithing Course – Intermediate Level. First 10 months of DVDs includes:

-Pistols, Pistol and Rifle Scopes

-Machine Shop Lathe Course

-Machine Shop Mill Course


-General Machine Shop

There are multiple DVDs for most of the above topics. This is the premier gunsmithing school in the country, American Gunsmithing Institute. Price for all DVDs is $300

  • AGI Expansion Module of assembly/disassembly on 29 DVDs. Weapons covered are far too numerous to name here. Included are pistols, revolvers, .22 rimfire firearms, and shotguns. Name a brand or model and it is most likely covered on one of the DVDs. Sale price was $1000. Asking price is $300.
  • Brand new tool set includes 12 premium wood handle screwdrivers of every size, set of stainless and brass pin punches, 8 pieces, set of 8 heavy brass punches, set of 6 steel punches, 8oz brass tack hammer, 4oz ball peen hammer (Vaughan), and a stainless steel pocket ruler. This is a brand new, unused set. Asking price is $75.

Contact Greg directly about these items:
txstars15 -at-