Redding T7 Turret Press Review

by Joseph Fox

If you’re a shooting enthusiast who is obsessed with accuracy and ready to go through the highest peak just to catch the exclusive costly gear, then Redding T7 turret press can be an interesting option for you. However, the progressive versions really need some changes!

Because with progressive presses, you barely acquire advanced features, precision, mobility, and diverse uses. I mean what’s the benefit if you can’t load ammo like benchrester Kyle brown? Nevertheless, I am going to review Redding T7 press to help you make an informed decision about the product.

Redding T7 Turret Press Review


Redding T-7 turret press

Firstly, I want to thank the manufactures for supremely powerful functions. Along with the sleekiest handling feature, this equipment ensures that hunters can customize reloading every time.

Secondly, the massive press which works tremendously for firearms reloading is a great plus. Also, the 7 station turret head is superbly easy to move whenever you expect the die to fall into places.
You might not know the most kick-ass part here, which is, if you combine additional turret heads with your press, then you can switch your reloader into calibres. And, this will happen without any major adjustments or hassles.
Without any additional setups, you can assemble the handle in the press-position. Initially, the spinning also lets the nuts to drop into the right place.

Then I would like to preach about the short, handy, and user-friendly feature. At first glance, you’ll find out the ball on top of the turret ram handle which remains gentle and kind in your palm.
Even if you’re in a long arc and need to hold it for a long period, it won’t convey any pain or discomfort.
Now, let’s talk about the green press body. It’s specifically crafted with cast iron and has a classy finishing with an orange peel. Sometimes, it might look alike wrinkle paint.
For instance, you might have a doubt about the inconsistency of changing dies constantly, just one after another.
But luckily, redding t7 turret press provides such pesky lock rings which can easily encounter any complications during the loading period.
Lastly, I would love to say about the shell holders and numerous die stations for multiple calibres. The universal shell holders help your hand to obtain maximum accuracy. Hence, it can be easily rotated in any direction you prefer.

• 7 Station Turret Head
The redding t7 turret press has 7 station turret heads which make the die fall into places in no time. Also, you’ll obtain absolute accuracy in each strike. However, if you grab some extra turret heads, then you can alter your reloader into calibres.
Luckily, additional turret heads are vastly available. You will find it easily and power up your reloading skills. Although the reloading process might be tricky if you are new.
Though by following the exact same steps like regular hand-holders. They usually load cases without taking it out from the shell holder.
You’ll need an onboard priming press to complete the whole reloading process. However, you can use a funnel over the opening of the cartridge with the powder charge. Moreover, with proper practice, patience, accuracy, and consistency, you can cut the chase.

• Cast Iron Construction
The cast iron configuration and the stout compound linkage helps to reload magnum cartridges with comfort. Initially, the cast iron compound bears high performance. You’ll get ample wear resistance and enough strength as well.
By all accounts, the construction is ideal for all maximum reloading process. And a press like t7 turret is bound to have that feature.

• Smart Primer Arm
Here the smart primer arm allows the small to large primers to seat adequately. Though it’s very tricky to seat the primers into tight pockets. But, with t7 turret press, you can change the game.
You need to detach the cases and prime it in a proper manner to switch the primer carefully within the presses with accurate orientation.

Also, the cleaning process of primers become easy after you replace the primer in the press.
However, even if you replace the index, it won’t benefit you while shooting. It will just ensure accuracy.
For your convenience, let me put it in a precise way.
Press Opening: 4.75 inches
Ram Diameter: 3.8 inch-stroke

Additionally, you’ll get a flexible hollow ram, a tubular primer configuration, and you can easily eradicate the tubular primer settings if it doesn’t fit your requirements.

• Full Die Set Semi-permanently
This extraordinary press has the biggest perk to offer. And no wonder it’s the ability to hold the consistency. Even if you expect a regular loading session or a becnhrest competition, all you gotta need is consistent loading of the cases.
Sometimes, with a progressive press, you lose the strike because of abrupt case loading. You end up lingering into changing cases and load them every time you insert a new one.

But here, you can mount a full die set which ensures a full die set semi-permanently. Moreover, this press allows all 7/8″-14 threaded dies. No doubt it’s an universal shell holder. You can’t admire more, trust me!

• Interchangeable turret heads
• Positive ram stop via powerful compound linkage
• Sufficient compatibility with smooth 1.75-inch ball
• Smart priming arm
• Additional ram stoppage

• Setting primer can be tricky for newbies
• It gets rusted easily
• The end slide bar is too long

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Are T7 turret presses better than progressive presses?
If you have a handsome budget and crave for advanced modification then in every aspect t7 turret presses are better.

2. Do dies from Lee Precision fit with this press?
Yes, certainly.

3. What are the additional features?
Positive ram stop, small removable handle for switching on station to another flexibly.


A powerful, robust press which stands on your all-purpose reloading desires. However, the optional automatic sliding bar might not impress you as it’s not necessary in most cases.

Hopefully, the manufacturers will minimize the inconveniences in no time.

Metal Art Giveaway 2019

Freedom Cabinet Raffle

Metal Art of Wisconsin (, 920/717-0635) is a family-owned business in Wisconsin offering metal forming, shaping, and plasma cutting. Their custom designed art pieces hang on the walls of numerous studios, banks, museums, churches, hospitals, cemeteries, and memorials all around the world. Metal Art also makes a number of practical designs with their artistic flair.

Their 2nd Amendment collection includes metal and carbon fiber Freedom Cabinets. Both decorative and functional, these American flag-shaped cabinets are available in matte or glossy black with stripes cut from 16 gauge, cold-rolled mild steel, and finished with three layers of clear coat. A number of locking systems secure each strongbox, including invisible RFID lock, key cards, and biometric scanners. Each Freedom Cabinet comes complete with a tough, high-density foam insert that can easily be configured to store guns, valuables, booze, dirty secrets, or anything you want to conceal. Encased in a steel, lockable frame, whatever you decide to store in it will be safely hidden behind Old Glory. Available in 2, 3 and 4 foot sizes.

Freedom Cabinet Giveaway

Metal Art is giving away one of their newest models in the 2nd Amendment collection, a Biometric Fingerprint Freedom Cabinet Slider. With outside dimensions of 23 x 15.5 x 3.5 and inside dimensions of 21 x 12.5, the flag is cut from 16 gauge, cold rolled, ground and polished mild steel, then covered in three layers of glossy clear coat. The steel is inlaid and flush with the surface of wood for a three dimensional look and is all secured with a high-tech biometric (finger print) locking system.

To enter this giveaway, host a small, local shooting event. An easy, quick, scored course of fire held during a local hunter sight-in is ideal but anywhere and any type of shooting event you choose works. Submit a picture of your event along with a short description to the Editor about your shoot and we’ll put you in for the drawing. Winner will be announced in December.

Event Ideas

Hunter Bullseye: This is an ideal event to be held at your next hunter sight-in day. One cheap paper target (sample for printing at home is included) on any 100-yard range.
Hunter Bullseye download

USAR Postal Match: Conducted by the U.S. Army Reserve Marksmanship Program, these events can be held on any 25-meter range.
U.S. Army Reserve Competitive Marksmanship Program Postal Match download

Any type of event is acceptable, these are just ideas. Have fun!

Tormach Servo Motor Upgrade

Tormach Inc. is now offering servo motors for its line of 1100M and 770M CNC milling machines. Servo upgrade kits are now available for current users of these machines, which allows them to transform their current ‘M’ series machines to ‘M+’.

Complete information on obtaining the user-installed servo motor upgrade kits, with video tutorials, can be found on Tormach’s website:

Users who upgrade to servo motors will enjoy numerous benefits, including:

-Faster speeds – more than double feed rates
-Higher acceleration – allows machine to get up to speed much quicker
-Reduced noise
-Closing of the feedback loop into the control system
-Time and money savings on every part made

Tormach has released a video that is available on YouTube that shows examples of the time savings that can be achieved using the servo motors over the conventional stepper motors:

“For the vast majority of machinists using our 1100M and 770M mills, upgrading to the servo motors is an easy decision,” said Lori Morrison Bufalo, Marketing Director at Tormach. “We’ve made it easy and affordable for users to perform this upgrade and start getting even better performance out of their Tormach mills.”

The cost to upgrade to the servo motor package is $1,995.00. Additional recommended items including an automatic oiler kit are available for an additional fee.

Later this year Tormach plans to offer a BT30 spindle upgrade package to users as well. This upgrade will allow users to take their ‘M+’ mills to the ‘MX’ level, meaning they will have the servo motors along with BT30 spindles, encoders, and power drawbars.

The Business of Gunsmithing: A Practical Strategic Compendium

Have you ever thought about becoming or learning to become a Gunsmith as your career choice? There are many people that have the skill sets and aptitude to take on the role of this mysterious career choice. But what does it, or will it, entail exactly?

Author Mark R. Hollensen wrote this book to provide you with many of the answers to your questions concerning starting out, pursuing and ultimately making a career as a Gunsmith.

The Business of Gunsmithing: A Practical Strategic Compendium covers nearly all of the strategic business categories and essential elements associated with the job, as well as providing real life experiences, successes, and setbacks. The book was written very matter-of-fact and provides in-depth details of what you can expect when entering the field of gunsmithing as your career choice. For anyone contemplating a career as a professional full-time Gunsmith, or are already in the business, this book is a must-read.


Kindle eBook

Tormach at FIRST Robotics Championships

Tormach Inc. provide on-site CNC machining services at the FIRST Robotics Championships held at the Cobo Center in Detroit, MI from April 24-27, 2019.

Called ‘The World’s Largest Celebration of STEM for Students’, FIRST Robotics expects over 10,000 visitors and over 800 teams of students at this year’s event in Detroit.

This is the third year in a row that Tormach has been on-site at the FIRST Robotics Championships. The company is one of the event’s machine shop sponsors and also supports the regional FIRST competitions that take place around the country leading up to the championships.

Tormach had two CNC machines at the event, the company’s PCNC 440 and higher-output 770M mills which can easily handle cutting plastics, aluminum to hardened steel and titanium. In addition, the company will have a desktop router ‘and a well-stocked toolbox’ at the event to support the students, according to Jenny Bannink, Tormach’s Lead Machinist. Jenny and Tormach’s Brandon Faulkner will be working the Tormach machines.

Typical on-site setup at FIRST, with the laptop showing the CAD image and the actual product being machined on the Tormach mill.

“We really enjoy supporting the students at the FIRST events,” she said. “Education is a major initiative at Tormach, and we love the opportunity to not only help the students on-site with their projects, but also to show them that machining and manufacturing are great career paths to follow.”

At the FIRST events, Tormach set up an onsite machine shop in the ‘pits’ that are usually strategically located right in the middle of the action on the show floor. Students bring their robots and projects to Tormach for on-site repairs and modifications. The machining necessary to fix or improve a product can be challenging at times, said Bannink, but the experience provides a great real-life example for the students of what a CNC machinist’s job entails.

“We’re providing ‘on the fly’ machining services at these events, and it’s a competition; if a 120 lb. robot falls 6 feet to the floor, for example, or a gearbox malfunctions, that team of students needs help, and they need it quickly,” she said. “Also, some schools bring solid models and blueprints for their products, and others bring sketches; there’s a lot of on-site designing and re-designing happening between the students, coaches and Tormach machinists.”

Women in STEM

Jenny Bannink grew up on small dairy farm in Wisconsin. After graduating from high school, she attended college for one year, but left school due to financial constraints. “Growing up on a farm, I loved helping fix machinery and realized after high school that I wanted to pursue a career as a machinist,” she said. “I ended up going to a trade school and learning CNC machining, which has been a great career for me.”

Jenny tells a story of a young woman she met in St. Louis the first year Tormach supported the FIRST competition. A junior in high school, she approached Jenny and asked her ‘are you a real machinist’? Is it hard to do as a woman?’ “I told her ‘the machine doesn’t care’! We discussed some of the challenges of being female in a male-dominated field. Fast forward to last year, that same woman stopped by to see her again at a regional FIRST event. “She told me she’s now going to school for tool & die machining. I was so happy to see her and hear her story. Young women need to know this is a great career choice and if they want to do it, they can.”

Tormach's Matt Coppola and Jennie Bannink on-site at a recent FIRST regional competition in LaCrosse, WI.


FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) was founded in 1989 to inspire young people’s interest and participation in science and technology. Based in Manchester, NH, the 501(c)(3) not-for-profit public charity designs accessible, innovative programs that motivate young people to pursue education and career opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and math, while building self-confidence, knowledge, and life skills.
FIRST is More Than Robots. FIRST participation is proven to encourage students to pursue education and careers in STEM-related fields, inspire them to become leaders and innovators, and enhance their 21 st century work-life skills. Read more at

About Tormach

Carbon Caper: Rico Morgan Book 2

American Gunsmith authors also pursue other writing. Ray Ordorica released the second novel of his Rico Morgan series, Carbon Caper. Available as eBook or print from Amazon.

A triple murder in back-woods Idaho has Rico Morgan stumped. Two well-known TV personalities and a bum, dead for what reason? Could it be diamonds? Maybe one big one? The murders lead Rico, Mole and the gang to adventures in Mexico City, then into the lion’s den in Caracas. Thing is, the lion hired ’em! Rogue CIA men throw a wrench in the works, and the Russian presence in Venezuela doesn’t help. It’s a rock-hard tale as modern as tomorrow, and it has nothin’ to do with climate!

Interview with Ray Ordorica:

So Rico and Mole are at it again, eh? Why Caracas?
Actually I had no idea we’d be going to Caracas when I had the guys in the canoe in chapter one. Nor did I know what was stolen. The story evolved from news events. But then, why not Caracas? The Venezuelan scene is hot in today’s news, and even more turbulent than in the book. The rock mentioned is also a big news item. Most of the big news events in the story are true, though I took some liberty with the leaders in VeeZee… There are some really spooky images of the blacked-out city online. It’s also the murder capitol of the world, with 98% never solved.

That bit about the big Linebaugh revolver…True?
The 475 and 500 Linebaughs have indeed killed elephant. I had one for some years and sold it for the reasons discussed in the book. If you hold a hugely powerful gun like the 500 Linebaugh wrong you’re going to get badly hurt. Current loadings for it are even more scary than what’s presented in the book.

Doug Koenig on Gunsmithing

A skilled gunsmith can customize any gun for improved performance but it takes first hand, higher-level shooting experience to fully appreciate what those customizations need to be. Here’s a champion shooter’s view on the craft.

by American Gunsmith Staff

Doug Koenig began shooting competitively in 1986 when he entered his first match at the age of 17. Since then, he has amassed more than 70 National and World shooting championships in a variety of action/practical disciplines. They include Steel Challenge, Sportsman’s Team Challenge, NRA World Shooting Championship, USPSA, and Precision Rifle Series. He is best known for his string of NRA Action Pistol wins at the Bianchi Cup as the first shooter to post a perfect 1920x, the highest score ever with an X count of 187, and the most overall tournament wins of 18 total.
Read the rest of this entry »