New Books from Paul Mazan

From author Paul Mazan.

I have two new books that have just been listed on Both are available in Paperback and Kindle versions.

The first is “American Odyssey” and tells the Story of my Grandfather’s immigration from Poland to The U.S and covers his experience as an immigrant and in WW1. It is a tribute to all the people from all over the world that left their old lives and experienced passing through Ellis Island, Learning the Language while living with family and working menial jobs just to become Americans and secure a future for their children. It also follows him through the chaos of the first months of the War when we were unprepared, the trip to France with the first contingent of American troops , Training and introduction to trench warfare. He experiences the fear of death the painful exposure to Mustard Gas and being wounded.

The second book, “Chicago Rhapsody” is the first in a series of a smart mouth Private Detective who manages to fail at everything he tries until he becomes a cop. Along the way he picks up a K-9 partner who is his equally independent alter ego. If you like snappy dialog, funny situations, shoot outs, and a bit of mystery I think you will find this one right up your dark alley.

Allied Machine TECMA demonstration

Allied Machine Offers Original T-A® Drill at TECMA 2017

Visit Booth 1060 to see how to reduce downtime and lower cost per hole

Dover, OH – Allied Machine & Engineering, a leading manufacturer of holemaking and finishing tooling systems, will highlight its line of replaceable tip Original T-A® drill systems at TECMA 2017, which will be held March 7-10, 2017, at Expo Bancomer Santa Fe, in Mexico City, Mexico. Visit Booth 1060 to see the T-A drill system, which features high performance inserts and holders particularly ideal for automotive holemaking applications used in manufacturing engine blocks, crankshafts, pistons, and suspension parts. Using T-A drill systems helps manufacturers achieve costs per hole that are 25-50 percent lower than other options in the marketplace.
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Custom Gunsmith Casting Call

I’m a casting producer for a production company out of Los Angeles. We’re currently working with a major cable network to find artisan custom gunsmiths for a new TV project we’re working on. I wanted to contact you guys to see if you would be able to help spread the word about our search or happen to know of someone who’d be a good fit!

We are looking for the “go-to” gunsmith for a small town or community. Does everyone in the community go to this gunsmith for buying or repairing their guns? Has gunsmithing been in their family for generations? Do they forge or repair creative custom firearms?

If you know anyone who would be a good fit for this project, please have them contact me! I’d love to chat with them. They can either send me an email (luke.swinney -at- or give me a call.

Luke Swinney
This Is Just A Test | Casting Associate
1200 Venice Blvd., 2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90006

Joe Carlos On Sierra Bullets

I have mentioned in a number of articles how the 90 grain Sierra Match King .224 bullet designed in 2005 was prone to mid-air blow ups due to jacket issues. I talked about this most recently in my December 2016 article, “Gain Twist Barrels For Palma.” Those of us who write frequently for American Gunsmith sometimes find our articles “in the pipeline” for awhile from the time they’re written until they are published. Changes can take place in that interim. This was the case with Sierra’s 90 grain bullet.

Sierra’s original 90 grain bullet remained on dealer shelves for nearly a decade in its original flawed condition. However, it was recently redesigned. I have been testing the newly redesigned Sierra with Berger 90 grain Match Boat Tail and Sierra’s new bullet appears to be blow-up proof. I have torture tested it and have experienced no failures and am obtaining speeds of 2,800 fps in 30” and 32” Palma barrels with stellar results. I also have customers using it and they like it. Accuracy is comparable to the Berger and the ballistic coefficient of the new Sierra is higher than any other 90 grain AR-15 bullet on the market.

I’d like to formally update the record and apologize to Sierra for statements that were correct when written but out of date regarding the new bullet when published in my December 2016 article. Readers should be careful when purchasing Sierra 90s to be certain they are getting the new bullet. I would be leery of any boxes of 90 grain SMKs that have been on dealer shelves for much longer than a year as they may be of the old design. If the dealer will permit you to open the box, the new bullet is factory pointed (which helps attain the high ballistic coefficient) and the older bullet has an open hollow point.

Thanks for your understanding and look for a full article on the new bullet in the near future.

– Joe Carlos

Allied Machine & Engineering S.C.A.M.I. Roller Burnishing tools

Allied Machine & Engineering, a leading manufacturer of holemaking and finishing tooling systems, announces the availability of S.C.A.M.I. Roller Burnishing tools, ideal for firearms manufacturing, automotive, or hydraulic industry applications. The tools are available through an exclusive supply agreement with S.C.A.M.I., an Italy-based maker of high quality precision tools.

Offered in both through hole and blind hole options, the roller burnishing tools create a mirror-like finish and provide a hardened surface due to cold working the material. The tools can be used on either CNC or manual machines to achieve very precise finishes or to harden machined surfaces.

The S.C.A.M.I. roller burnishing tools are available for through holes from 3.95 millimeters (mm) to 165.9 mm and for blind holes starting at 5.89 mm and going to 165.9 mm. They are also available in a variety of lengths, in both cylindrical and Morse taper options. Special sizes and application-specific designs can be ordered.

The introduction of the new roller burnishing line further extends Allied Machine & Engineering’s ability to assist customers with a full range of hole finishing technologies, including drilling, threading, reaming and boring. Customers can now consolidate their holemaking and finishing technology vendors, with one channel for support.

For more information, please visit:

About Allied Machine & Engineering Corp.:

Allied Machine & Engineering Corp is a leading manufacturer of holemaking and finishing tooling systems. Allied devotes its advanced engineering and manufacturing capabilities to creating the widest selection of value-added tooling available to metal-cutting industries around the world. Our tooling solutions deliver the lowest cost-per-hole in a wide range of drilling, reaming, threading, and boring applications.

Located in Dover, Ohio, Allied’s precision holemaking technologies provide end users worldwide with the highest level of drill performance. Precision engineering and expert application support make Allied the first and best choice for solving complex metal-cutting challenges.

ITAR Lawsuit

From Rob Lyman, Leo Combat LLC

I am sure you and your readers are concerned about the new ITAR guidance and its effect on small gunsmiths.  Last October, I sued the State Department over that very issue, seeking to have ITAR overturned, or at least have its application limited to actual exporters.  Unfortunately a couple of days ago my lawsuit was tossed on a technicality—the judge found that my company doesn’t have standing to sue, despite being a type 07 FFL with gun designs ready, there isn’t a “real” case because the government isn’t actually prosecuting me.


My intention is to register and pay the fee, and then sue for a refund.  Unfortunately my basement startup can’t afford that (which is why I sued—small business and startups are cash-strapped), but I did throw up a GoFundMe page hoping that gun owners and gunsmiths might chip in to help me do it.  I don’t know if your readers would be interested or not, but I thought I’d let you know.


You can read about the lawsuit and even read the critical documents at


The GoFundMe page is

Rob Lyman

Leo Combat LLC

More about ITAR:

ITAR Confusion

The Department of Defense Trade Control Office (DDTC) has issued contradictory and confusing guidance regarding if/when a gunsmith or gunmaker needs to register for International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) compliance.

Rather than rely on interpretations that may be incorrect, read the DDTC’s guidance first. Contact the DDTC response team (202/663-1282, for clarification should you find the published guidance contradictory.

Adam Kraut, Esq., a pro-gun attorney and regular contributor to The Gun Collective has an entertaining video explaining this. Further, he maintains a blog about legal issues concerning gun owners, dealers, and gunsmiths.

The NSSF is supporting legislation to remove the new ITAR interpretation for gunsmiths.

In the meantime, call your U.S. Representative (202/225-3121) and Senators (202/224-3121), and email them urging them to support Rep. Collin Peterson’s Resolution (H. Res. 829) demanding completion and publication of the proposed rules to transfer the licensing of commercial and sporting firearms and ammunition products to the Department of Commerce which doesn’t require registration or payment of a fee.

Additional resources:

Arms Export Control Act (AECA)

Definition of Firearm Gun Control Act – 18 USC 921(a)(3)

Required Registration Under ITAR

Definition of Defense Article

The United States Munitions List (USML)

Advisory Opinion