More Paul Mazan videos

Paul Mazan and his continuing video series. Check it out!

Why does Gunsmithing cost so much?

Why does Gunsmithing cost so much? A video by Paul Mazan.

BackcountryLife Long Range Rifle

BackcountryLife Magazine ( discusses a custom long-range rifle project with Pierce Engineering LTD.

Paul Mazan Gunsmith videos

Regular American Gunsmith contributor Paul Mazan has many good videos you need to check out.

Check out the Youtube channel 45 Alfa Charlie Papa and his entire gunsmith series, in addition to others.

Gunsmith series link:

Paul Mazan also posts to Facebook as The Old Singing Gunsmith

Gunsmithing Tools: The Basics

Colonial Gunsmith

Documentary on old-time gunsmithing technique:

Essential Shooting Supplies video page

Videos of gunsmith work done by Essential Shooting Supplies, LLC: