Custom Sight Picture

Introduction to determining your optimum optical correction for shooting with Dr. Alan Toler.

$700 Hi Point????

From author Paul Mazan:

This is my son’s latest You Tube video covering my Grandsons Hi Point Carbine. As many of you know we have been doing these for some time and this one made me laugh. I’ll have to try to make the videos I did with him more entertaining and less historical. Just as many of us grew up working on $100 Mausers this new generation is into autos and the Hi Point is an affordable first gun. Like you I thought my Grandson was silly putting $500 of accessories on a $275 gun but, then I thought about the $1000 plus 10/22’s I’ve seen and thought perhaps it’s not as outrageous as I thought.

Ithaca Model 49

Working a classic lever action rimfire rifle.

by Mark R. Hollensen

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Customer Service Video

Here is an excellent example of customer service from of Omega Holsters.

I suggested to the owner to deduct that dollar off the invoice due to the customer his own home oven and to request photos of the new holster in use.

Gunsmithing in South Africa

South African Combat Rifle Association 2016 Championships
General De Wet Range, Bloemfontein

Ettienne Maritz, Precision Ballistics Pty Ltd and South African Army Reserve Force Shooting Team, and Johan Horn, police officer and armourer with the South African Police Service, discuss gunsmithing in South Africa.

Johan Horn, SAPS Armourer

Johan Horn, a police officer and armourer with the South African Police Service discusses setting up R4, R5, and Galil rifles for Service Conditions competition.

Firearms Guide Online

Impressum Media have published the, a researchable, globally-accessible database of firearms, air guns, and ammunition for industry professionals and enthusiasts. The Guide offers complex search functionality by combining up to 14 key search criteria such as caliber, country, year, action type, stock type, manufacturer, etc.

Impressum Media has a series of video demonstrations and tutorials:

Firearms Guide ONLINE:

Gun Schematics Library:

Side-by-side comparison search feature: