TruProducts are designed for cleaning, lubricating and protecting the metal of outdoor gear based on 100% synthetic oils engineered to bond to metal and create a lasting barrier of protection and lubrication for hunting and fishing equipment. TruProducts do not separate from metal in the presence of moisture, debris, or extreme high and low temperatures. Field and laboratory testing performed over the years prove TruProducts outlast traditional oils and lubricants every time. They minimize maintenance time and expense, reduce equipment failures, and decrease replacement costs.
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Cartridge Case Rings

Making a ring from a cartridge case can be done, but it may require an arduous session of imagination and machining ability.

by Norman E. Johnson
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Armorer Courses

The good, the bad, and the ugly of Armorer Courses.

by Stephanie A. Martz

If an instructor begins an Armorer Course with something along the lines of “AR-15’s are just as easy as putting Legos together,” ask for a refund. If that isn’t possible, tread lightly on any information given out. I wrote this article to show what students should ask for in an Armorer class and bring to light what instructors should be doing for their students in their own classes.

As I’ve stated in my previous articles, I have a heavy baseline of knowledge from being a full time Small Arms Repairman in the Minnesota Army National Guard. I know that these weapons are a lifeline and any owner of a firearm should have the same concept within mind. Due to this, I believe that any type of firearm instructor should teach with that same responsibility. I’ve taken many manufacturer courses contracted with the military such as FN America and Knights Armament. I’ve also taken civilian courses such as GLOCK and the Semper Paratus Armorer Course.

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Tech Sights

Mounting and using Tech Sights, an ideal aftermarket iron sight.

by RK Campbell
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Improved Wildcat Cartridges

Gunsmiths should be prepared to test the rifles we build and offer sound advice on some of the lesser understood aspects involved. Working with Improved or Wildcat cartridges fits right in here.

by Norman E. Johnson
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Ithaca Flues Shotgun

How I worked on and repaired an Ithaca Flues 16 gauge double shotgun.

by Mark R. Hollensen
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