Ordorica Covers Colts

Random thoughts on the old Colt Single Action Army.

by Ray Ordorica
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Scoping .22 Semi-automatic Pistols

With a good measure of creativity, the shooter-gunsmith is often able to reach new heights in accuracy accomplishment… even with the little 22 semiautomatic handguns.

by Norman E. Johnson
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Remington 552

Getting up to speed with the Speedmaster.

by Ed Nutter
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Lefever Shotguns

Info on working the Lefever Nitro Special double shotgun.

by Mark R. Hollensen
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New Subscriber Premium and Index

Looking for ideas for our target audience of gunsmiths.

We currently offer all new subscribers a premium by sending them a copy of our Learn Gunsmithing: The Troubleshooting Method book. See AmericanGunsmith.info/subscribe for details. We’ve been offering Learn Gunsmithing for some time now and are considering a different (or additional) premium. One idea considered was “American Gunsmith’s MOST WANTED” which was “10 Projects, Fixes, and Upgrades Every Gunsmith Should Know”.
What gunsmithing topics would be of more interest to you and add value to your subscription? For any readers that would like to weigh in, please send your response to the Editor.

Index Update

This was long overdue. I’ve updated our Article Archive Index on the website. The text index of American Gunsmith articles there covers all issues from April 2006 to January 2010. Starting with the February 2010 issue and on, all articles published are added to the website as individual posts along with an abstract, sorted by category and archived by issue date. This site’s search feature as well as the “Find” feature of your web browser helps locate everything we’ve published since April 2006.

Shooting Events and Freedom Cabinet Giveaway

As reported previously, we’re giving away a Metal Art Biometric Fingerprint Freedom Cabinet Slider. Because the deadline is the end of December, you still have a chance to enter when this issue goes to print.


To enter this giveaway, host a small, local shooting event. An easy, quick, scored course of fire held during a local hunter sight-in is ideal but anywhere and any type of shooting event you choose works. Submit a picture of your event along with a short description to the Editor about your shoot and we’ll put you in for the drawing. Winner will be announced in the next issue.

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The Business of Gunsmithing

Every professional gunsmith had to answer the, “How do I get started?” question. Here is a summary of my practical strategic compendium for gunsmiths that want to go professional.

by Mark R. Hollensen

As a gunsmith, we are often tested on our knowledge of a certain repair, our knowledge of firearms, reloading, target shooting, etc. Included in those knowledge tests, I am certain you have been confronted with the question of, “How do you become a gunsmith?” More importantly, how does the person asking you become one? As you all well know, this is not an easily answered question if you plan on giving the answer that best covers the process.

Why you ask? Well, as we know on this side of the gunsmithing fence, this job is very diverse and complex and explaining it to that person in any level of detail can lead you to wander somewhat with your reply or explanation. More often than not, we use our own road taken or journey as the platform for our response. What I often find the most challenging in that conversation is trying to cover what I think the person asking would need to know. And that is most difficult when you really know nothing about the person you are talking with. What are their skill sets, what have they done already (if anything) to start their path towards becoming a gunsmith, and what stage are they in their life that will help them with their career choice? In reality, you really need more information from that requestor so that you can formulate a logical response.

I’m certain that you don’t get this question asked of you often, or maybe at all. But when you do, you pretty much have to pull your thoughts together quickly to cover at least some of the process. I recently had this question asked of me by the father of a young lad that seems to want to become a ‘smith one day. He is currently fourteen and is trying to get smart on all things guns. So where do you begin with answering the dad that knows nothing about guns, has no idea where to begin, where to go, what to do, what he should be doing right now; essentially, what can he do to help his son get on the right path.

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Ruger 10/22 Accuracy Upgrade

The Ruger 10/22 rifle has a large variety of aftermarket parts available to improve its performance. This is what I did to improve the accuracy for rimfire competition.

by Glen Calvert
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