AR-15s, the progenitor of the longest serving service rifle in United States history as well as the so-called “Modern Sporting Rifle”, all share a common design feature. The barrel extension where the lugs of the bolt lock up, often called the “star chamber”, is a bit of a pain to get into for cleaning. While legions of drill sergeants/instructors have wrongly and ignorantly forced generations of troops to clean small arms to the point of their premature demise, proper maintenance does necessitate keeping areas where moving parts mate (such as locking lugs) free from excess fouling and debris.
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Colonial Gunsmith

Documentary on old-time gunsmithing technique:

Savage Case Extraction

Work on a Savage Model 112 revealed case extraction problems. Installation of a well-placed shim on the bolt baffle assembly solved it.

by Norman E. Johnson
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Essential Shooting Supplies video page

Videos of gunsmith work done by Essential Shooting Supplies, LLC:


Amateur Gunsmith Fails

Marlin 336 Firing Pin

Parts replacement poses unique differences among firearms. Here’s how replacing the firing pin on a Marlin Model 336 lever action went.

by Norman E. Johnson
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A Day With A Master Gunsmith