Working Hopkins & Allen Revolvers, Part 1

A four-part series examining the once prolifically-produced Hopkins & Allen revolvers that are making a surprising comeback among collectors and cowboy action shooters.

by Brian R Smith
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Truths About Online Gun Auctions

CMC Barrels

CMC Triggers Corp. has released a new line of barrels for the ubiquitous AR-15. The company added Match Precision Glock barrels to their line in 2018. Since then, CMC had the objective of developing a series of high-quality AR Barrels that complement the rest of their AR aftermarket products.
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Equal Rights History

To CBS Sunday Morning and Ken Burns,
I am a long-time fan of CBS Sunday Morning and Ken Burns. Given his typical thoroughness with history, I was surprised at an oversight in his “Baseball is a Mirror of our Country” piece that aired on your show.

“The first real progress in civil rights since the Civil War took place… on a baseball diamond…” The oversight here is that marksmanship programs started just after the Civil War to better train up to the capabilities rifled small arms offered provided equal opportunities for competitors decades before this.

The U.S. Army began the Excellence-in-Competition (EIC) program in 1884, first creating Distinguished Rifleman and then Distinguished Pistol Shot gold badges to award competitors finishing in the top ten percent at EIC events. Buffalo Soldiers were equal participants and noteworthy competitors.

Buffalo Soldier marksmanship badges

The first shooter to become Double Distinguished, earning both badges, was Cpt. Horace Wayman Bivins, earning the distinction in 1903. A member of the 10th Cavalry Regiment and decorated for valor for his actions at the Battle of Santiago de Cuba, accounts of his history “reads like fiction from the imagination of a pulp magazine writer” as one newspaper described him. The Army Reserve Postal Match has an event named in his honor.

CPT Horace Bivins

The EIC program was managed by the U.S. Army Department of Civilian Marksmanship and then the Civilian Marksmanship Program and has been an open competition for military and civilian shooters. It is the only sport mandated by federal law, per Public Law Title 36, U.S. Code § 40727.

This is history worthy of your attention. I’ve sent articles on the history of Captain Horace Wayman Bivins and the Army’s marksmanship Equal Opportunities.

John M. Buol Jr.
USARCMP Public Affairs/Postal Match Program

The Old Gunsmith – Project Gun Video Series

The Singing Old Gunsmith (45 Alfa Charlie Papa video channel) video series.

The project: Restore an old, beat-up Winchester 1906 22 Pump .22 into a nice little shooter again.