Allied Machine TECMA demonstration

Allied Machine Offers Original T-A® Drill at TECMA 2017

Visit Booth 1060 to see how to reduce downtime and lower cost per hole

Dover, OH – Allied Machine & Engineering, a leading manufacturer of holemaking and finishing tooling systems, will highlight its line of replaceable tip Original T-A® drill systems at TECMA 2017, which will be held March 7-10, 2017, at Expo Bancomer Santa Fe, in Mexico City, Mexico. Visit Booth 1060 to see the T-A drill system, which features high performance inserts and holders particularly ideal for automotive holemaking applications used in manufacturing engine blocks, crankshafts, pistons, and suspension parts. Using T-A drill systems helps manufacturers achieve costs per hole that are 25-50 percent lower than other options in the marketplace.
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Gun Barrel Honing

Honing machines can outshoot hand lapping in manufacture of precision rifle barrels. Here’s how Pac-Nor Barreling does it.

by Ray Kemble
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Reactivating Drill Rifles

Restoring deactivated drill rifles preserves American military history. Here’s how a Springfield 1903A3 was brought back to life.

by Roy Seifert
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Genesis Of The Henry Rifle

How a little S&W pistol grew up to be “That-DamnYankee-Rifle-They-Load-On-Sunday-’n-Shoot-All-Week” and more.

by Chick Blood
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Classic Full Automatics

Osprey Publishing ( has an entire line of technical books covering firearms, military history, board and card games, models, and fiction from every era. Various fully-automatic weapons are a popular topic. Despite sharing characteristics like self-loading mechanisms and cyclic rates of fire, full autos are intended for and best used in specific roles.
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United States Rifles and Machine Guns

From Reader Ken Angst

United States Rifles and Machine Guns: A detailed account of the methods used in manufacturing the Springfield, 1903 model service rifle; also descriptions of the modified Enfield rifle and three types of machine guns
by Fred Colvin and Ethan Viall

Dated 1917, anyone who is interested or involved in the maintenance or restoration of the US Rifle Caliber 3o model of 1903 will find this detailed engineering book invaluable. Included are all of the machining specifications and information on the tools used to manufacture the 03. You can zoom in and read the small print if you need to.

Glock Custom Ideas

An overview of ideas and reasons for home gunsmiths interested in customizing Glocks.

by Dylan Courtney
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