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“I have every issue of American Gunsmith going back to January 1993. Even with 37 years of experience as a professional gunsmith, I still get valuable tips from every issue.”

– Charlie Briggs

I am a long-time subscriber to American Gunsmith and could not live without it. To me, it’s like Hotrod magazine of years past. An excellent publication!

– Jaun Naxario

Your publication is very much appreciated and read each month cover to cover. Thank you so much for the articles as they are reread often.

– Dave and Carole Switzer

“I’m a new subscriber. After the first issue I immediately sent in a two-year renewal. I absolutely love the articles and am thrilled to find new and some old methods to help out around the shop. Every week I forget when the last edition arrived and get excited to check the mail hoping to find the newest issue waiting for me. Thanks for all you guys do.”

Justin S. Billings

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