Precision Barrel Fitting, Part Eight

Part Eight is the last to appear in this series, but are you certain you’ve finished the job?
by Chick Blood

By now you have become familiar with John Hinnant’s book as I’ve picked a pathway through it. Hopefully you have completed any trigger work, rejoined barrel to receiver, returned the action to the stock, test fired the result of your labors with great success and are feeling real good about calling the rifle owner with news of the gun being finished.

Not so fast my friends. If you have been hired by a demanding and knowledgeable hunter who insists on the ultimate in accuracy, you will be asked to blueprint the rifle first. There is nothing unusual about this request from those seeking record trophy or large, dangerous game and all words spoken by you regarding additional cost are not likely to cause a change of mind. Such hunters, male or female, will merely seek out another ‘smith eager to finish the job you started.

Blueprinting Defined

Mercifully, I’ll spare you the time I wasted looking for a definition on the web. It appears on page 163 of John’s book

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