New AR-15 Triggers

An overview of good trigger action, how the AR-15 does it, and how it can be improved.

by RK Campbell

I am presently working on a new book project. It is quite challenging very rewarding at the same time. This new book on rifles, marksmanship, and personal defense is years in the making. I have had the opportunity to test and evaluate quite a few AR-15 rifles. Inevitably, the rifles come up short, to my standard, in one way or the other as they are pushed to the highest degree. The rifles are reliable, in the best versions, and the Colt, Ruger, CORE, and Smith and Wesson rifles have given good results overall.

One area that has been less than ideal for accuracy work is the trigger. Of those tested, the average was around six pounds. I was not surprised. I recently tested HK-type .308 rifles with triggers as much as nine pounds! This isn’t ideal for good accuracy. The AR-15 rifle’s trigger action was designed for durability and ruggedness, not precision. The rifle may be hot or dirty but the trigger will reset. The action is suited to a military rifle with full auto capability but accuracy potential cannot be fully realized with the standard trigger.

While some triggers may be managed well enough from a solid benchrest, from position (especially offhand) hits are more difficult. For this reason, I have replaced many triggers over the years. Here’s how I do it.

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