Century Arms JW-2000

The Century Arms JW-2000 Coach Shotgun is a side-by-side double barrel with external hammers and an Old West look and feel. Here’s how to improve it.

by Ed Nutter

The JW-2000 is a double-barrel shotgun imported by Century International Arms. It seems to be patterned after the Colt 1878 coach gun. Each barrel has a separate hammer. Chambers are three inches, and the choke is cylinder bore. There is some debate online about what the stock is made from but it is described in the manual as “walnut stained hardwood.”

A shotgun with hammers like this one has can’t fire if the hammer isn’t pulled back. The JW-2000 also has a safety on the top that prevents the triggers from moving when it is engaged.

While I like the looks of this gun overall, I was not pleased with…

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