Remington M700 Recoil Lug Alignment Jig

Using a special recoil lug alignment jig while installing a barrel on a Remington Model 700 rifle series receiver eliminates the guess work in proper barrel installation. Here’s how to make and use one.

by Norman E. Johnson

Fitting a barrel onto a Remington Model 700 series receiver, while maintaining proper lug-to-receiver alignment, can be a tricky job. I had put up with this problem long enough, so I decided to make a special jig to maintain correct positional relationship between parts as a barrel is torqued into position. Here is how to get the job done.

As an inventor I never have thrown much away that could be used in the development of a new idea. So as I mulled around in my mind for the parts and method of manufacture for a lug alignment jig, I visualized a part made from a short section of common…

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