Remington 1100 Repair

This 1960s-vintage 28 gauge shotgun had been partially disassembled, the action was locked up, and the feed latch needed to be re-staked. Here is how it was repaired.

by Glen Calvert

When I received a Remington 1100 shotgun in for repair, the handguard and barrel had been removed and the action would not cycle manually. I did not get any information on this firearm so its history was unknown. It appears someone had tried to work on it and then gave up.


If starting with a fully assembled shotgun, make sure the chamber and magazine are empty. Lock the bolt to the rear with the safety on. Remove the handguard nut and handguard and pull the barrel from the receiver. Remove the barrel seal (rubber O-ring), piston and piston seal (metal parts) from the magazine tube. On this shotgun, the rubber seal was missing and the piston and piston seal were in the gas cylinder on the barrel.

While holding the operating handle, push in the…

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