P.08 Luger Inspection and Repair

A common assembly error is corrected and a broken ejector replaced.

by Glen Calvert

The Luger in this article was produced by Mauser in 1942 as indicated by the “byf” stamped on the toggle and the “42” on the receiver. 1942 was the last year that Mauser produced the Luger for military use. It has a 4” barrel chambered in 9mm and is a serial number matching gun with the exception of the grips and magazine. This example is in very good condition with solid, deep bluing having some minor wear on the front of the frame on both sides, on the trigger plate, and the muzzle. The rifling is fairly sharp but there is some pitting. The sights are small, the front blade is dovetailed into the base and the rear sight is machined into the rear toggle link. The magazine holds eight rounds and it and the follower are steel with an aluminum baseplate and pull grips. The pull grips are necessary as the mag does not drop free when released.

The issue that brought this Luger to me was the receiver would move freely on the frame without resistance (no spring tension). When the toggle was pulled rearward and released, it would not snap forward as it should. This is typically due to an…

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