Argentine 1927

Gunsmithing tips for the Argentine Modelo 1927 handgun.

by RK Campbell

While I have published many articles and books about 1911 pistols, I am willing to learn even more. One thing I have learned is that common descriptors such as “GI” and “Series 70” are not as exact as some may think. As an example, some pistols stated to be an exact clone of the of the Colt 1911A1, well, aren’t quite. And others aren’t a clone at all. The Argentine Modelo 1927 is one of those. In contrast to most 1911 copies and clones, the Modelo 1927 is a license-built Colt. The Argentine Army took the route of consulting Colt and obtaining a license to manufacture the pistol. Let’s look at the history of the pistol first and then understand what the pistol is and isn’t in terms of fitting and function and interchangeability with the Colt 1911A1 and other GI guns.

Argentine 1927 pistols aren’t as inexpensive as they once were but it still is considered for re-builds and even custom work. There are better choices! Perhaps a more exact concern is if the Modelo 1927 accepts modern after market parts. The Argentine 1911 was once a shooter grade pistol and a handgun that offered a break in price compared to the Colt 1911 with comparable performance. Today they are more ….

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