Glock 19 Mariner

A rare Glock variant intended for use by personnel in maritime units routinely working around bodies of water. Here’s how to convert any Glock into a Mariner variant.

by RK Campbell

There has been a recent run of a pretty rare Glock. The Mariner is intended for “wet” use of some type . Most shooters just don’t quite realize what use exactly. The Mariner label dates to at least the mid-2000s and was used by Glock in marketing to countries in the Pacific Rim that have military and police forces already using their handguns. The intention was iinot to create a handgun to be fired underwater, rather, it was designed for personnel working around water where the handgun was likely to be regularly exposed to water, including being completely submerged, and still needing to come up working.

I was asked to evaluate and examine a Mariner by a customer who wondered how good an investment he had made. Other customers have asked if I could upgrade their pistols to Mariner status. I was surprised the pistol made such a splash (pun intended) on the market. It turns out, yes, you can upgrade any Glock to Mariner status. Here’s how to do it.

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