Remington 870 Customization

The Remington 870 pump shotgun has the capabilities of being faster and easier to manipulate. Adding a red dot and easy to install furniture can really change how the shooter performs.

by Steph Martz

As we look at a stock Remington 870 we see a traditional shotgun. Long length of pull, simple forend, iron sights. No issues right? It’s reliable and has proved itself since 1950. Well like anything, guns, shooters, and uses all evolve. The uses for the Remington 870 has heavily evolved from being used during the response to Katrina, to now being ran in 3 Gun matches faster than a semi-auto shotgun. It is a trusted gun that with just a little tweaking can be made into a fast and ergonomically friendly shotgun.

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“Fast and ergonomic” usually means adding a red dot to the gun instead of running just the front sight bead. Nowadays, many 870s that we see on the market will have pre-drilled screw holes, however, the project gun I’ll show here did not. It was a straight Remington 870 Express Tactical with a non-drilled receiver.

When it comes to adding an optic to a gun the first two questions always need to be…

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