Rifles for Less-Permissive Places

Modern manual repeaters and accessories can offer the same sort of modularity commonly found in self loaders. Here are some options for those unfortunate enough to reside in restricted areas.

by Dean Meier

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Self-loading long guns define the modern sporting rifle. Love or hate it, Eugene Stoner’s influential design is the basis of the longest serving rifle in United States military history, one of the most popular actions for civilian and law enforcement use, the modern sporting rifle archetype, and the dominant platform in a number of precision and speed oriented shooting competition disciplines. Decades of statistics from government agency reports such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation Uniform Crime Report and the Centers of Disease Control National Violent Death Reporting System (NVDRS) have shown about twice as many homicides are committed using “personal weapons” (the perpetrator’s hands or feet) than by all forms of rifles, not merely the unfairly and overly-maligned AR-15.

Sadly, facts rarely convince those swayed by emotional appeal. As proof of this, a number of countries and individual states have passed legal restrictions against these types of long guns despite no legitimate data indicating any such necessity nor any reliable statistics demonstrating such bans help solve any problem. Of course, there are no end of other shooting options, however, some shooters enjoy features common on such rifles. Here is a round up of manual repeaters offering the same features as self-loading modern sporting rifles that are more likely to be legal where semi-automatics have been restricted.

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