Applying Ultra Bore Coat To Defeat Copper Fouling

Copper removal is an issue in the proper maintenance of centerfire rifle bores and Ultra Bore from Dyna-Tek Coatings is a solution.

by Wendell Dwight Deaner

Webster’s New Twentieth Century Unabridged Second Edition Dictionary describes bane as “The cause of mischief, injury, or destruction.” If anything is the bane of all riflemen copper fouling comes closest to being the classic definition.

I recently picked up a product called Ultra Bore Coat from Dyna-Tek Coatings (, 800/899-5734) that claims to reduce copper fouling in a rifle between 80 and 100%. It does this without affecting accuracy or velocity to any discernible degree. Quite a big claim and certainly worth checking out. Thinking that this product could be a Godsend to some of my customers—and saving me a lot of cleaning time with a bore brush—I decided to test it on another recent development: Savage’s new rifle that comes fitted with ther AccuStock. This is an aluminum bedding block with a unique way of locking the action in that helps increase stability and accuracy. I decided I could test both the rifle and the Ultra Bore Coat.


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