Working The Stevens 39A

How to tear down, clean and put back together the Stevens 39A.

by David W. Manney

A customer brought in a Western Field SD14A that was firing when the bolt closed. I first looked in the Numrich Gun Parts Brand Cross Reference guide and did not find it listed. It wasn’t listed in Jack First Gun Parts Reference Book, either. After examining a similar Savage/Stevens shotgun I was able to determine I had a Stevens 39A, essentially the same as the Stevens 59A, B and C with minor changes.

The Sears 101.125 and 101.600, Western Field 14 and SD14A are all basically the same gun. All of these guns were a .410 bolt action with a five shot tubular magazine. The model 39A was made from 1939 to 1947, while the model 59 was made into the 1960’s. The model 59 has the takedown screw in front of a stamped steel trigger guard. The 59B has a black forend tip. I was not able to find a 59C to know the difference from the others.

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  1. does the J C Higgins 410 10125 use the 2 1/2 inch shell or the 3 inch shell ? I’m confused !!!!!!!
    Thanks Robert

  2. Three inch .410 shotshells were not common until the 1940s and J.C. Higgins made four models (39A, 59A, 59B, and 59C) between 1946 – 1950. If the barrel isn’t marked as having a three inch chamber, assume it is 2 1/2″ until you have it measured.

    Three inch .410 shotguns can safely fire 2 1/2 but not the reverse.

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