Timney Safety Fitting On The 96 Mauser

If you are going to mount a scope on a 96 or other military Mauser, it is necessary to replace the original safety to provide for clearance. There are several options.

by Wendell Dwight Deaner

I prefer the Timney “wing” safety for its reasonable price, simplicity, and ease of installation. Available as the Buehler-style Low Safety (Brownells #883-805-096 WB) to fit the 96 Mauser with a nominal retail price of $38.99, it functions similarly to the original Mauser safety. Dayton Traister, Inc. offers their Mark II safety ((Brownells #204-001-950 WB), which is comparable and available for $21.99.

While I have used Timney safeties on my Mauser conversions (both 98 and 96 models) many times, I am still disappointed at the directions supplied by the manufacturer for doing so. I don’t have this gripe with just Timney but also with most of the other manufacturers of gunsmith’s “drop-in” or “may require some fitting” parts.

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