Winchester Model 67 Sight Renovation

Making a rear sight elevator and front sight bead for a Winchester Model 67 turned out to be a good reason to go over the whole rifle.

by Norman E. Johnson

A middle-aged man came to my shop with a much used and rusted Model 67 Winchester .22 rimfire single-shot rifle. He wanted the rear sight elevation step replaced and a bead installed on the front sight. The old gun wore the ravages of downright abuse and neglect. The man said he couldn’t hit anything with it and asked if these measures would correct the problem. At first glance, I could see the rear sight elevation step was gone and had been replaced with a piece of wood the thickness of a common, flat toothpick.

As he gave me his information for my FFL records, his name seemed familiar. Turns out he is the grandson of a farmer whom I had worked for as a teenager back in the late 1940s. My duties then were many and varied, including assisting in butchering an occasional young steer to feed the family. That old Model 67 was the same one I used to humanely dispatch the critter, as well as shoot small game and occasional pests around the farm. The gun was never cleaned and was set in the corner of the milk house when not in use. I hadn’t seen the gun in more than 60 years, told the story to the grandson, and that I’d go over the gun and sight it in. He was very pleased to learn about the old gun’s history and that it would receive my personal attention.

The Model 67 Winchester was offered from 1934 to 1963 and bore no serial number. The rifle had a 27-inch barrel. Cocking is accomplished by pulling rearward a round, knurled knob. It features a swing-up safety that blocks passage to the sight line when activated. This is a simple and dependable design.

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