New Items

A tour of new items of interest for gunsmiths.

by Dean Meier

Our industry has never had a shortage of new things. Here is some of the latest.


Tormach Inc. (608/849-8381) was founded to provide quality Personal CNC machine tools at a price affordable to individuals and small shops. Ideal for gunsmiths, inventors, R&D professionals, or small manufacturers, Tormach brings Computer Numerical Control automation down to reachable price points. The company’s newest offering is their AF50 Autofeed Bandsaw, a programmable and fully automatic alternative to manual or semi-automatic bandsaws. This is Tormach’s first bandsaw offering and complements the company’s line of CNC milling machines and lathes.

By combining a pneumatic clamping system and hydraulic feed control, the AF50 provides consistent and repeatable cuts. It operates on 115 Vac, single-phase power and cuts lengths from 0.157”-50” (4mm-1270mm). The pneumatic clamping system features an adjustable soft-squeeze, which reliably holds material from thin-walled tubing to 7-inch round steel bars.

The AF50 provides automatic cutting and lists for $5,495. A premium package that includes a heavy-duty flexible roller table, replacement blade brush, and coolant is sells for $5,832.

To help new users of CNC machines, Tormach offers pre-sales consultation and CNC Workshops. Their PathPilot CNC control software can be learned online via their PathPilot HUB website.


RuBee (Visible Assets,, 617/395-7601 utilizes technology first introduced by Lockheed Martin to track firearms and similar sensitive items in large shops and armories using magnetic wireless technology, tags and software. Their Allegro Weapon Shot Counter has better than 98% accuracy and uses dual comparators to distinguish between live and blank rounds. Weapon information is automatically updated in the Armory2020 tracking software and can scan up to six equipment tags per second. Using magnetic sensors instead of RF (Radio Frequency) holds up better in harsh environments and can be read through and around metal, liquid, and people.

Armory2020 is an integrated Weapons Visibility and Security System in use with issuance terminals at a shop or armory and has been trusted for security of transfers in some of most secure environments in the world. Weapon Racks are outfitted with RuBee readers and ferrite antennas to provide on demand real-time inventories. Issuance stations automatically scan RuBee tags on weapons and other sensitive items as they are issued or returned to the Armory while ensuring personnel have the proper authorizations and qualifications to control the asset. Readers and antennas are also positioned at doors and gates to ensure no unauthorized asset leaves the controlled area.

RuBee tags and Armory2020 delivers 100% automated inventory scans at a speed of six tagged items per second, issuance transfers in under 10 seconds, and constant site security of assets. RuBee has been approved for use by the United States government in some of the most secure Department of Energy and Department of Defense sites.

CMC Remington Trigger

CMC Triggers (817/563-6611) released their CMC Remington 700 Ultra Precision Trigger using their patented Over Center Dynamic Locking System and adds to their aftermarket trigger line for the AR-15, AR-10, AK and Glock as well. Compared to OEM and other aftermarket units, CMC’s triggers provide a safety mechanism independent of pull weight adjustment, pre/over travel adjustment, and is comprised of a single internal precision S7 Tool steel investment cast component. It is manufactured to a 0.001” total tolerance and the company claims it is arguably the safest Remington 700 trigger on the market.

The CMC Remington Trigger has an adjustable pull weight for long-range precision, tactical use, and hunting. No removal or disassembly of the trigger is required to adjust the weight from 8 ounces to 3.5 pounds, with a factory pre-set at 2.5.

For ease of trigger installation, an integrated bolt release catch is pre-installed and also made of S7 tool steel, coated with a proprietary blend of advanced PVD and Hexagonal boron nitride coating for a low-friction, protective surface. More durable than a stock Remington trigger, CMC provides a Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty.

CMMG Radial Delayed Blowback

Fans of Jeff Cooper’s cartridges and his “Thumper” concept will see future potential with this design from CMMG Inc. (660/248-2293). The Radial Delayed Blowback (RDB) system is a new operating system created from the ground up by CMMG to eliminate problems with traditional blowback operating systems found in pistol caliber AR-15s. With a traditional blowback system, the only thing keeping the chamber closed is the weight of the bolt and the action spring tension. As a result, the more powerful the cartridge, the more weight is needed to keep the bolt closed long enough to safely operate.

With the RDB system the bolt must be forced to rotate and unlock itself before it will cycle. This slows things down enough for chamber pressures to drop to safe levels, ensuring reliable and safe operation without the need for heavy bolts or stiff action springs. This allows for more potent cartridges than that commonly found with traditional blowback designs, with CMMG initially releasing their RDB Banshee chambered in 10mm.

The Radial Delayed Blowback operating system incorporates a mechanical delay that forces the bolt to rotate, momentarily slowing the bolt carrier group, which allows chamber pressures to fall before cycling. This mechanical delay allows for reliable function with a wide variety of ammunition and removes the need for a heavy bolt, buffer, and spring typically required in direct blowback systems. Radial Delayed Blowback cuts felt recoil, bolt velocity, and directs more gas down the barrel, which results in cleaner function.

In addition to the patent for the RDB, CMMG developed and patented their Bolt Catch Linkage System to allow a Last-Round Bolt Hold Open feature. The 10mm RDB Banshee has a base weight of 5 pounds, 9 ounces and an overall length of 24.3 inches. One 30-round factory SGM Tactical Glock-compatible 10mm magazine is included.

DVC Cleaning

DVC Cleaning Systems (619/480-3876) removes dirt, grease, grit, grime, chemicals, toxins, contaminants, and microorganisms, leaving surfaces clean, dry, sanitized, and free from chemical residue while using environmentally (and human) friendly solutions. In use with a multitude of industries, chemical-free vapor cleaning with DVC’s PurgoSpray uses a non-corrosive, 4% moisture spray to pressure clean with no residual wastewater to dispose of. For cleaning in caustic environments, NeeRugo solution adds additional anti-corrosion properties to the items which are being cleaned.

The DVC-169 system provides 190 PSI of cleaning pressure for 7-10 minutes with 2-minute recharges in between and is foot pedal actuated, allowing both hands free for cleaning. Other DVC systems offer even higher pressure and longer run times as needed.

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