McMillan Mc3 Stock

Building accurate rifles using McMillan’s precision stock.

by RK Campbell

I have installed quite a few rifle triggers and barrels. I’ve also modified some stocks and fitted new ones. While each part of the rifle is important, the stock probably doesn’t get enough attention. Bedding and fit is important and some makers such as McMillan take a lot of the work out of fitting a rifle stock. Some stocks are expensive but they serve a real purpose. The most accurate combinations are the subject of constant study. In the end, no matter how good the action, barrel, and optics are, the foundation – the rifle stock – must be solid.

Stocks shift or move during recoil. The barrel and action also shift in most types of stocks. This has an effect on the relationship between the point of aim and the point of impact. While the rifle must be free floating and not touch the stock more than necessary for best accuracy, the action must be firmly bedded. Very seldom do you see a truly accurate rifle with a factory stock, although many are reasonably accurate. The best shooters use some type of aftermarket rifle stock as they stop shifting and compression.

While wood stocks are often less consistent, not every synthetic stock is better than wood. Most factory plastic stocks are hollow; this is cheap and it isn’t ideal. The grain structure of wood stocks cannot be as…

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