Midwest Industries

Midwest Industries makes a variety accessories and parts for firearms, including the AR, AK, FN, Henry, Kel-Tec, HK, Marlin, SIG, Remington, Steyr, Benelli, and others. They also makes tools for gunsmiths.

Their newest tool is a multi-use block for working on AR-15 firearms. The AR-15 Lower Receiver Block (MI-LRB) is designed to work with mil-spec AR-15 forged lowers and the .308 AR Lower Receiver Block (MI-LRB308) is designed to work with SR-25 magazine pattern rifles. The former retails for $39.95, the latter for $44.95.

Described as the Swiss army knife of AR building, the Midwest Industries Lower Receiver Block has numerous features. In addition to the obvious magazine well block to secure the lower receiver via vice clamping, the MI Block is also versatile bench block. It has a built-in gas block tool for pin installation, block for fire control pins, section for trigger guard installation, and a tray to retain small parts. The MI Block is made of high-strength polymer to make it impact and chemically resistant, has mounting holes for attachment to your bench or alternative work surface, and parallel edges for vice use, allowing the lower to be held for multiple aspects of assembly. It weights 12 ounces and is 6.5x5x1.25 inches.

For upper receiver work, MI offers their Upper Receiver Rod, as the MI Upper Receiver Rod (MI-URR, $104.95) and MI Upper Receiver Rod .308 (MI-308URR, $134.95). This secures an upper receiver for installing or removing stubborn or seized barrel nuts without damaging the upper. It also secures for muzzle device installs without risk of damaging the index pin and can be used to install forward assist/port door covers. The Rod is compatible with forged and billet upper receivers and is machined from 4140 Ordnance grade steel with a black oxide finish. It can be secured horizontally or vertically in a bench vice, works with any standard M4/M16 barrel extension, and sights can remain mounted in use.

Finally, the Professional Armorer’s Wrench (MI-ARAW, $59.95) works with 5.56 and 7.62 AR platform rifles and handles encapsulated and pin style barrel nuts, including the GI style nut. The drive end is compatible with free float barrel nuts, and the 3/4-inch wrench works muzzle devices and suppressor mounts. It is constructed from 4140 heat treated steel.

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