Working the M1A1 Springfield Rifle

With a service and competition reputation that proceeds it, this civilian make of the M14 is a good working rifle at a fair price. Here’s how to keep the M1A1 in top shape.

by RK Campbell

When it comes to the great service rifles, the M1 Garand, the M1 Carbine and the M14 rifle, there is little I can say to add or detract from their reputation. I have used these rifles extensively and enjoy working with each every much. For what it is worth I am of the opinion that the Garand is the most reliable of the three. Both the Carbine and the M14 series are very reliable when well maintained but personal experience and research gives the Garand the nod for best durability. In practical terms few of us are going to be slugging through the trenches and snow and the average shooter will be able to enjoy thousands of rounds of ammunition between tune-ups, but even the angels must grease their chariot wheels. The civilian version of the M14 rifle is a very well turned-out piece from Springfield Armory. The M1A1 rifle is all there is for most of us wanting America’s last steel and wood rifle and gives shooters a good working rifle at a fair price, however, you will see many of these rifles come into the shop simply because the owner did not know what he was getting into.

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