Savage Model 12 Extractor Retrofit

Sometimes a new or modified part becomes necessary to improve the dependable and safe function of a firearm. Here’s a closer look on how I retrofitted a Savage Model 12 extractor.

by Norman E. Johnson

In the process of adding an additional cartridge to one of my Savage Model 12 switch-barrel rifles, a cartridge with a smaller diameter case rim would come into play. This cartridge was Federal’s new .224 Valkyrie, which has gained considerable popularity, particularly in AR-type rifles. The existing barrels already fitted to the rifle were a .308 Winchester with a Broughton barrel, an E.R.Shaw 6.5x55mm Mauser barrel, a .22 PPC with Shilen 1:14 twist, and a .223 Remington with original Savage Varminter barrel and bolt.

Before I move on to the .224 Valkyrie case extraction issue that I bumped into, I’ll reveal my grand scheme of things for this rifle. This rifle would include one of four chamberings to be slated in a series of special tests with four switch-barrel rifles chambered for the .224 Valkyrie in 1:7 and 1:14 twist and two chamberings in the .22 PPC in 1:7 and 1:14 twist. Some pretty serious testing would take place and I wanted to be fully prepared with the best equipment possible.

Extraction problems ensue…

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