CMC Barrels

CMC Triggers Corp. has released a new line of barrels for the ubiquitous AR-15. The company added Match Precision Glock barrels to their line in 2018. Since then, CMC had the objective of developing a series of high-quality AR Barrels that complement the rest of their AR aftermarket products.

With input received from military, law enforcement, and civilian shooters incorporated into their engineering. CMC barrels are made from 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium and coated in H&M Blacknitride+ (Ferritic Nitrocarburizing) for increased wear resistance. Every CMC barrel is instrument-inspected for absolute straightness and air gauged for uniformity. The button-rifled land and groove tolerance from breech to muzzle varies less than 0.0001″ for best concentricity, and chambered in .223 Wylde to feed both .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO, and muzzle thread of 1/2-28 TPI. A choice of gas system lengths can be had along with M4 feed ramps for reliability in 7.5″, 10.5”, and 16.25” lengths with a SOCOM barrel profile, 0.750″ gas block diameter and 1.13″ gas block journal length. A standard 1:7″ twist rate, 1/2″x28 thread pattern to fit standard AR-15 muzzle devices, 11-degree match crown for accuracy, and a bottom dimple for easy install and alignment of gas blocks finishes the design.

CMC’s barrels are complimented by their Low Profile AR-15 0.750 Nitride Finish Gas Block, AR-15/10 Nitride Coated Gas Tubes, and Enhanced Bolt Carrier Groups. As the company name implies, CMC is known for their triggers. The Single Stage AR-15 and AR-10 units are configured for Small Pin, Large Pin, and the M&P 15/22. Multiple pull weights can be set from 3.5 to 6.5 pounds with a Signature Flat or Curved Bow trigger. CMC’s Two Stage units are match-grade units with the same pin and trigger bow options and weight ranges of 1&3, 2&2, 2&3, 2&4, and 2&5 pounds of pull for each respective stage. Like all CMC Triggers Corp. products, CMC Barrels include the company’s Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty.

For more information on the CMC Barrels or other products offered by CMC, contact or call 817/563-6611.

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